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About the Artist

Origins and Inspiration
As an artist/illustrator, I developed my interest in printmaking over thirty years ago, I enjoy demonstrating and expressing my art in printmaking. My inspirations are formulated from literature, film, current affairs.
Being of the Caribbean diaspora/ heritage, I like to engage my viewing audience in art which reflects my African Caribbean heritage.
Style Technique
I like the graphic style and quality reflected in printmaking, demonstrating strong contrasts between light and dark with a range of mid tones. I use the cutting technique to extend my drawing skill, so adding a unique style in this process.
The images are dawn or transferred onto the lino, then cut into the lino by hand, creating a range of contrast in light and dark with a tonal range. Once the cutting is completed, the lino block is cleaned and prepared to be inked.
Once the lino block is inked acid-free printing paper is registered on to the inked lino block, then they are run through a press or hand burnished leaving an image of the lino cut on the paper to produce a print run, which culminates into a limited edition of prints. I use an etching press or hand burnish, ‘safe-wash’ [non-toxic] vegetable oil printing inks on acid-free paper.
Further to..
I like the work of many historical artists and printmakers, they include:
Kathe Kollwitz; a master draughtswoman and campaigner for social consciousness and human verity.
Leopoldo Mendez, for his revolutionary art, social agitator and oratory in his print making.
Claire Leighton: for her style and technique in wood cut print making.
The Grosvenor School; for their futuristic abstract concepts and cutting-edge styles in print making.
I also like contemporary artists’ Swoon for her urban [art] wheat paste prints and paper cut-outs and Mode 2, for his draughtsmanship, style and concepts.

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